The Yellow Deli Review

We came, we ate, and we wanted to stay !

The Yellow Deli on 202 Vernon Street in Nelson is a hidden gem. My buddy and tech support Michael Goodliffe, my son and artistic helper, Elmir Staarink and I made our way there to check it out and have lunch.

When you enter the main building, which is a Nelson heritage house from 1899, you are welcomed by the rustic and warm decor. From the macrame hangings, wooden rustic booths with cedar shingled roofs, live edge wooden tables, apple basket lights, yellow checkered curtains to the wonderful fire place, and soft instrumental music floating through the air, you feel like you have stepped into an oasis of peace and comfort.

We were promptly greeted by a friendly server and ordered freshly squeezed carrot and orange juice, vanilla chai matte latte and organic coffee. The juice was delicious and so invigorating. Our host and waiter Nazaire explained to us that the Yellow Deli support Yerba Matte farmers in Brazil in an ecological fair trade business. They have their own brand of teas! . Nazaire wanted us to know that they prepare the chai daily, with the expensive organic green cardamom pods and real vanilla. Then he rushed off, only to return with a sample of their Hot Apple Cider made from apples, grown and pressed on the Mount Sentinel Farm at the junction of Highway 6 and Highway 3, the local home of the 12 Tribes Community. The apple cider smelled and tasted like apple pie. There is something to be said about home grown foods. Nothing compare !

Our lunch arrived surprisingly fast. We had hot sandwiches, all are served on home made bread ( they have 5 different kinds of breads ! ). There was a Deli Lamb sandwich with succulent roasted lamb, tzatziki and veggies for Michael. I had the Deli Rose with roast beef, provolone and hot pepper cheese on an onion roll. So good! And the Reuben for Elmir ! The ladies at the next table agreed that it was the best reuben in town. The sandwiches came with chips or you can get veggie sticks if you prefer.

I had to try a salad: Cranberry Cashew with mixed greens, carrots, sweet cashews and cubes of havarti cheese, served with their famous herb dressing . It is sold at all the Yellow Delis and Nazaire told me all about the ingredients. It contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sunflower oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, herbs and Himalayan sea salt. It's so good you could drink it.

My son also had the chili. It was very thick and hearty with great flavor! The soup of the day was lentil veggie and actually our server had cooked it herself. So wholesome and good for you. Nazaire was telling us, that all the soups of the day are vegetarian and that they try to use produce from the farm as much as possible. For example, they cook and freeze the squash they grow. That's how they can preserve the goodness of the sun for the winter months.

I should mention that the staff's favorite dish is a coconut curry bowl with organically raised chicken, served with lots of veggies, topped with sprouts over basmati rice for only $11.

I know what I am having next time ! I would have eaten it then because it looked so fantastic, if I hadn't been so full from the generous portions they serve up.

Desserts are my favorite topic at this place ! All their baking is heavenly and of course home made, as you could have guessed. We tried their famous coconut cream pie. And I have to say it's the best I have ever had,even better than the one I make.(And that's hard to admit !) It's not overly sweet, but rich and moist with a butter graham crust. The custard contains real coconut milk and organic shredded coconut, served with a doll-up of whipped cream. Our host says the secret is the real vanilla. The carrot cake is wonderful and fluffy as well, with it's cream cheese icing, topped with roasted walnuts.

I can't wait to try the rest of the menu (there is a breakfast section as well) and more baking like cheese cake and cookies. I will make this a regular stop when I am in Nelson. I have to give this place an all rave review with the whole some food, good value for your dollar, really good ingredients, best and freshest drinks, dedicated friendly staff and expedient service. A big Thank You to Nazaire, a great ambassador for the cafe and our gracious and very informative server's helper.

By the way, the Yellow Deli also has the "Cram Shack" beside the main building. That's the free Wifi zone. This is a newly renovated, cozy building with a great view. Students or anybody else can surf the internet and work there in all tranquility and still get food and drinks served to them. That space is available for private functions as well.

Winter hours of operations are:

Sunday 12-11pm

Monday - Thursday 8am - 11pm

Friday 8am - 3pm

Go there now!

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