Munch More Foods is firing up again

Are you looking for some good news in these depressing times?

Look no further! Munch More Foods is gearing up again! Our commercial kitchen is going to help you make your life easier and more exciting with ready to eat food items.

Can't afford expensive take out? No problem! We are going to offer affordable meal solutions for the whole family. Our famous home made Jamaican patties, lasagnas, meat and fruit pies, soups and stews (just to mention a few items) are going to hit the spot. Mama Sita (that's me) and hubby Doug are both professional chefs with 50 plus years of combined cooking experience. We just live for the love of food and it shows (bellies, baby, bellies!).

During this challenging time of the global

pandemic, as there is so much uncertainty if things will get back to normal any time soon, we decided to once again serve our community by making more food choices available, as well as being open to catering to your individual needs.

We are thinking of offering delivery of bulk orders and pick up at our commercial kitchen with wood fired oven at Passmore in the Slocan valley.

So stay tuned for our up coming re-opening! We would love to hear from you!

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